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If you're like most of our clients, you've hired (and fired) dozens of freelancers and contractors who've helped you uplevel your business through the years. Maybe you've gone so far as hiring an employee or two, but it just didn't work out. Why? Because you probably quickly learned that hiring a bunch of people ends up putting more on your plate instead of making things easier.

Most of our clients hate managing people. Like, really hate it. They want to be working with their clients, dreaming up new ideas for their business, going on vacation, or anything that's not managing people. One client mentioned she'd rather get a root canal everyday than figure out how to wrangle the 4 contractors she hired. 

And it's not the contractors fault! You are the visionary leader with all the great ideas, you just need to figure out how to download that vision into their brain so that you can get on with your day and make some money. And that's where we come in. We're your second-in-command who understands your vision and can get the results from the team - either your team, or the team we specifically create for you.

We fill the roles that your business needs, creating leverage that you can use to scale up faster than you ever thought possible. We have a network of handpicked, super professional, super smart team members that we've worked with for years. They're specialists who know what it takes to get your business where you want it to be. And the best part? It's all managed by Melissa & me!

certified online business manager, business strategist, & certified business performance coach

Melissa Gaines


I'm the founder of EntreLeverage & creator of the Your Next Best Step™ coaching experience. I'm in love with helping entrepreneurs move through the different levels and phases of business, and helping them land exactly where they want to be. I started the first iteration of this business back in 2007, just before the birth of my fourth (and final) child and I've had so much fun learning from my mistakes and failures through the years. I'm a lifelong learner, which basically means I'm going to buy every online course that lands in my inbox 💌

online business manager, launch strategist, client experience expert, & certified business performance coach

April Sullivan


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